Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RTT-short and sweet


does anyone else wait anxiously for RTT?

so, my oldest, the blonde one, is out of school for the summer. she'll be home every other week, and at her dads the alternating weeks. her younger sister, the brown one, will continue her life at day care on the days i work.
unfair, right? ...i know.
i'm going to make a chore chart or something. i cant have her lying on the couch watching steve wilcos or playing on the internet all day. anyone have luck with chore charts, or have a better idea to organize her productivity?

craig and i sat down and made a goal list, complete with start dates, and deadlines. we'll see how that turns out. we've been talking about moving to his house for 2.5 years, and havent done anything to acomplish it. he's had several knee surgeries, and i work full time. in between that, we have the kids. cant take them with us to clean and stuff- the place was a 7 year old bachelor pad in its previous life. its knee deep in porn and take-out containers. today job is #1a- call plumber to replace toilet and fix leaky fawcets. #1b- call lawn guy and get estimate. piece of cake- i'm halfway done. sigh, the dirty stuff starts this weekend.
~ugh, the surrender of my safety net. i'm kinda nervous about moving, yo. we've lived in MY house for 2 years. think that dynamic will change when we move to HIS?


  1. Never done a chore chart. I prefer to just to it all by myself so I have something to bitch about.

    Good luck with de-porning the bachelor pad.

  2. I've been thinking about doing a chore chart for Princess Nagger - maybe that will reduce the drama moments when she's asked to at least pick up her toys. Or not. ;)

    Good luck with the bachelor pad porn clean up - the dynamics could change, but I doubt it'll be a negative change. Follow your heart! ;)

    Shocking Fence, Cuckoo's Nest, Spring Has Sprung

  3. tulpen, thats me too. i'm having to *learn* to start delegating, and its not going so well. i still have plenty to bitch about.

    stacy- "princess nagger"? teehee. i'm gonna tuck that one away for the next argument with my fiancee. yes. i realize you probably meant a girl child, but i think it'll have more zing on him. love it.

  4. It's gonna change a lot when you move to his place. I'm interested to see how that goes.

  5. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your coffees en masse!

  6. The army has a summer camp, doesn't it?

    Is it his place NOW? As in, he already lives in it? Then yes, the dynamic will be funky for a while. But it sounds like he's had a while to adjust to the idea ;)

  7. it has been his house for many years, but he's not living in it currently. he lives here.

    ugh. i know its gonna change. wonder how i minimalize that with the lowest amount of hurt feelings and arguing?

  8. Ohh big changes ahead!

    Saw you on the other blog - with the pet pic!


  9. Now that its summer vacay maybe you can hire some kids to clean up the place... wait, you said porn. Okay, nevermind.

    Found your blog thru Studio 30+ - enjoying it very much !!

  10. just wanted to say hi to my new peeps :)