Tuesday, May 18, 2010

random tuesday thoughts, take two.

(hey, look! i remembered the button!)

~can anyone else guess the day of the week by the condition of their living room? my living room mess goes in phases that worsen as the week goes by. unless its friday thru sunday night, please dont stop by.

~i admitted the cutest, most interesting woman at work today. she reminded me of this postsecret card that i loved and saved.

i got report that she was combative and confused, which i attribute to staff impatience. i would say that she's much like a timid stray puppy- big nervous eyes watching and gauging at first, posture crouched and guarded- until spoken to softly and at her level.
when asked a direct question, there is a pause so long before she answers that you almost think you've been ignored. she then speaks very slowly, and considers her words very carefully before putting them out into the world.
she has great fear of doing anything -or anything being done to her- that she doesnt understand. and she will not oblige you until she does. i find that more than reasonable, and that kind of fire makes me smile.

she's 88, and aged in such a way that i have no hint to her ethnicity. she's all frizzy hair and bright eyes.
after a few minutes, she shyly told me that she prefers to be called "dr. whomever" and bashfully admitted that she has a phD in arts and humanities. (i was in awe when this info checked out.)
i learned that she was a concert pianist before a stroke took the use of her right hand, and affected the part of her brain that controls music appreciation. she says music now sounds clang-y and shrill at the same time, and annoys the hell out of her. she cried when she told me that, and it broke my heart.
she was then whisked away to a procedure, and i spent all day waiting on her to get back so i could... bask in her. weird, i know. i'm fascinated by old people. this lady is like hitting the mother load for me. i want to hear every story about her life that she can remember. i cant wait to go to work tomorrow.

this morning, at 530am, i was perusing ebay to see if they sold fraggle rock memorabilia, (they don't, so much, other than vhs tapes.) and i learned that fraggle rock existed as a comic book. did you know that? as the bethroed to a comic book collecting nerdball, i found it mildly interesting.

we had a giant hail storm a few days ago. i grew up here,(in oklahoma) so, its just another spring storm season to me. however, a facebook friend in michigan reposted a video she saw on youtube that a local had filmed. evidently home videos of this storm are going viral on the internet. since people everywhere are finding it interesting, this is a photo my daughter took of a piece of hail.
we were lucky enough not to have any damage.

i'm off to wash scrubs and glare at my dirty dishes. happy tuesday everyone.


  1. Fraggle Rock was a comic book?? ...weird.

    Your new "crush" sounds amazing. I hope you get to hear all her stories twice!

  2. I always like talking to old people too. There are quite a few in my neighborhood, but I often avoid getting involved in a conversation with them because I know it will be a big time commitment. It's cool that you can do it at work.

  3. It is so great that you take the time with your patients. We should live more like the French, enjoy every minute of every day ~ take time over long lunches and live in the moment.

  4. I dont know if I did know that, about Fraggle Rock, or if I just think I knew it, hearing it now. =X
    I love Fraggle Rock, it used to be my ring tone, back when you could very first pick ringtones, like that. haha. do do do do do..worries for another day!
    I push it on my kids, but they're not into it.