Tuesday, May 11, 2010

random tuesday thoughts

i'm a first timer at this (yay, another virginity cast aside!) and a little bit nervous. here we go...

my oldest kid has a band recital tonight. yawn. yay for her, but, really, 6th graders and horns = FANTASTIC.

today, i found out that my 2nd ex husband, the antichrist, had a warrant issued for his arrest yesterday, and i am copiously celebrating his pending incarcaration. bitchy? yes. and if you knew him, you'd be taking me out to celebrate instead of judging me while i do my happy dance, silently, in my head. he's a bastard.

...gettin' my very first mammogram tomorrow to investigate my lump. good times.

does anyone else totally get off on natural disasters? we had tornadoes in my area last night, and i LOVED it. been watching the sky all day for signs of a repeat.

we have the craziest people in at work today. mucho pain pill seekers. they're such a brutal fuck in the butt.

this was brief and not very entertaining.
just wanted to participate, and say hi, and stuffs.
happy tuesday !


  1. I love bad weather. But the extent we get here in the northeast is a lame hurricane or good blizzard. I think a tornado would make me piss my pants. Not in a good way.

    I've known those pill seekers. Fuck in the butt indeed.

  2. I was entertained. I'm partial to earthquakes myself.

  3. I like thunderstorms, and blizzards if I don't have to go anywhere.

    Good luck with the mammogram. Gah.

  4. hi everyone!!
    @tulpen - theres a good way to piss your pants?

    @beta dad - we have these mini earthquakes going on in the country here now. i'm in oklahoma - and we've never had them here until a few months ago. now, my best friend feels slight movement about twice a week. they're measuring anywhere from a 2.0 - a 4.0. its weird.

    @keely - my boobs were brutally mangled at 8am. thankfully, they returned back to their natural shape. i had my doubts. anyhoo- mammogram negative, just your garden variety cyst. yay!!

    now i'm off to investigate you people. yay!!

  5. I will drink a glass of wine in celebration of the karma that has come to bite the ex ~

    Good news on the mammo!