Saturday, May 8, 2010


saw a dr today that confirmed my suspicions that my previous lump dr was a retard.

this dr wrote me an rx for a mammo before she even did the exam.

during the exam, she also planned an mri.

i found myself a regular doc. love her.

craig went to a friends tonight, and i'm jealous and unrightfully pissy. i'm pms'ish, nicotine deprived, and feeling a little bi-polar and lonely. and i'm also keeping my mouth shut about feeling this way. he deserves to have a good time. no reason to damper it with my immaturity. hope he's having fun... she says both sarcastically and sincerely.

i'm on day 7. i smoked half 2 cigs last night, but that was after a funeral and two beers, so leave me alone, jimminy cricket.



  1. Keep me posted on the outcome! I envy your 7 day streak. Here's a thought, why don't we both draw up a list of people we would love to bitch slap ~ it might help with your funk, I know it always helps me with mine.

  2. i'm back on the wagon with the not smoking today, nubian!

    of course i'll keep you updated.

    and if i started a list, it would look like the old printer paper- you know- with the perforated separator, but still one long sheet that went on and on and on...