Thursday, February 25, 2010


so... debut blog.

i'm 31 and blissfully engaged to my best friend. cliche', but true. i could spend eighteen hours a day with him and not get tired of it. which is good since we're gonna get married and live happily ever after. his name is craig.

i have two kids- girls. zoe is almost twelve and peyton is 5. zoe is athletic and funny beyond her age, and peyton is hyperactive and especially lovey.

i work at a local hospital. i'm a patient care tech in the oncology department. it pays shit. my days are bittersweet and emotionally charged. i work with the best people out there and i love what i do.

i'm sort of a perpetual student. ...not a professional student, because i work full time, but a perpetual one. i love being in school. i've conquered some of photography school, my basics, phlebotomy, and emt. i'm intending on getting my lpn soon, rn later.
i'm moderately smart.

i intend on using this as a journal of sorts. venting, sharing, and dreaming. i like other peoples business, and the people who like to share their business.

this was a bare bones post, just wanted to put one out there. its late and i'm gonna take a muscle relaxer and go to bed. not recreationally, but for a "thorasic-lumbar sprain' that i had the pleasure of receiving at work yesterday.

...which i got written up for, i might add.

evidently, i should have stopped everyone in the middle of a code and hunted down the mechanical lift to scoot a rather large woman up in bed with, instead of following the dr shouting orders for everyone to pull her up fast so he could intubate her. sure, HR, thats realistic.