Thursday, February 25, 2010


so... debut blog.

i'm 31 and blissfully engaged to my best friend. cliche', but true. i could spend eighteen hours a day with him and not get tired of it. which is good since we're gonna get married and live happily ever after. his name is craig.

i have two kids- girls. zoe is almost twelve and peyton is 5. zoe is athletic and funny beyond her age, and peyton is hyperactive and especially lovey.

i work at a local hospital. i'm a patient care tech in the oncology department. it pays shit. my days are bittersweet and emotionally charged. i work with the best people out there and i love what i do.

i'm sort of a perpetual student. ...not a professional student, because i work full time, but a perpetual one. i love being in school. i've conquered some of photography school, my basics, phlebotomy, and emt. i'm intending on getting my lpn soon, rn later.
i'm moderately smart.

i intend on using this as a journal of sorts. venting, sharing, and dreaming. i like other peoples business, and the people who like to share their business.

this was a bare bones post, just wanted to put one out there. its late and i'm gonna take a muscle relaxer and go to bed. not recreationally, but for a "thorasic-lumbar sprain' that i had the pleasure of receiving at work yesterday.

...which i got written up for, i might add.

evidently, i should have stopped everyone in the middle of a code and hunted down the mechanical lift to scoot a rather large woman up in bed with, instead of following the dr shouting orders for everyone to pull her up fast so he could intubate her. sure, HR, thats realistic.




  1. Hi I saw your comment that you left on My Life Interrupted blog and just thought it was lovely and so I stopped by to see more about you. You sound delightful and I'm excited to see more of what you write. Thank you.

  2. i stumbled across your blog as i wandered the blogshere like one of frodo's pals (ok, i actually clicked on "skinny puppy" in my profile to see what would come up) and so far i really like how you write about yourself. hoping to see more...

  3. ::claps and curtsie::

    how very nice to meet you both.


  4. Hey There...Im glad you sent back you blog title..I hope you have it listed in your profile too...Im putting you on my blogroll and in my reader so you will come up when you post...I also have been a perpetual studen and now I think I will be done with that..Im forty something ish...and although Im taking a class now because my job paid for it..I think Im really done..Its a year course and the workload is very overwhelming...but it really good info..sooo..Ill be back..EnJoY..Your Day..!