Saturday, March 6, 2010

cheating, sort of.

ok. i've spent about a week lurking about, and scouting out bloggers, and reading posts.

i might have found my heaven.

i intend on doing a real blog soon, but i was thumbing thru some of the blogs i had on myspace ::cringe - please dont judge:: and decided that as a starter, i would copy paste some of the old quiz questions that i liked, that sort of showed who i am. a sort of fodder for anyone who stumbles across me and wonders..

::stage whisper::

"who's that girl?"

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Do you have any piercings?
~several. conch, industrial, orbital, tricus, several ear lobe piercings, navel, tongue, bottom lip, and hood.

Have you dated anyone you met online?
~went out on a date with? a couple times... had a relationship with? no.

Last time you spent $100, and what for?
~truthfully? about a week ago, and i was online shopping for porn.

Have you ever performed on stage?
~yes. i was in vocal music for 6 years.

Name one person you hate, and why:
~i don't believe in hate.

Favorite type of sock?
~i love funky patterned ones. i collect silly socks.

What is something you know that most people don't?
~the sensitivity in a woman's middle finger is decreased during her menstrual cycle…

Do you want to have kids?
~I already have 2 girls, I don't want any more.

Have you ever been high?
~like a rockstar.

Do you want to get married?
~except for the fact that i break out in a cold sweat when I hear that word, maybe someday.
**update. since that was answered, i've became happily engaged. to the same guy i was dating when this was answered three years ago**

Sneakers or flip-flops?
~flip flops, or go barefoot. I'm a barefoot kind of girl…

Do you believe in miracles?
~Absolutely, but I probably wouldn't call them that.

Would you eat human flesh for money?
~Well, that's a rather complex question isn't it? Do I know the previous owner of said flesh? Am I starving? How is it prepared, and exactly where was it originally located? and what about the money? How much are we talking about?

When is your birthday?
~August 12, 1978

Have you ever been expelled from school?
~Yes… moving along to next question now…

What was your New Year's resolution?
~This year? I intend to learn how to be an organized person…
::infectious laughter::

Do you like yourself?
~I do, in fact, And, you like me too.

Do you like photography?
~Yes, quite a bit. I went to photog school for a minute, and, then I realized that I didn't want to attend that many weddings.

What is your favorite word?
~::clap:: yay, great question! Classically, my favorite word is slosh. I find it fun… but, I have many favorite words. It's a thing of mine. I like words. Especially big interesting ones with pleasant, obscure or unexpected meanings. Seriously. i pick up a dictionary or thesaurus multi times daily. Its true. Ask my friends. I'm a total dork like that.

What annoys you?
~So many things… oh god, so many things… I hate it when people chew ice. I cant stand ghetto-spelling. And, I hate repetitive unnecessary noise… but, oddly enough, I like electronic music… hmm...

Would you smoke?
~i DO smoke.
**update. quitting is hard, but, i'm making really good progress.**

What kind of music do you hate?
~Heavy metal screaming shit. Go kill yourself already… oh, the anger!

Have you ever cut off a limb?
~Bodily, or botanical?

Your crushes first name:
~craig. ::giggle:: i just realized that i'm still totally crushing on the guy i've been with for almost 2 years. how incredible is that?
**update. now its been 4 years, and i still crush on him**

Have you ever been arrested?

What's your phone ringtone?
~a recording of my daughter playing me 'twinkle twinkle little star' on her saxophone

Would you flip off the president?
~I guess if he cut me off in traffic, or called me a cunt or something…

Do you study the Bible?
~No. i'm agnostic, though i admire the faith of christians.

Have you ever been high... on life?
~Yes... when my life had drugs on hand.
...been a long time though. i'm all grown up now.

What was the last compliment you GAVE?
~"Your eyes are just as pretty as mine…" which sounds rather narcissistic, when taken out of context…

Why do you like the music you do?
~Lyrics get me on most music. and, the way that feelings emote from the music and sounds.

Have you ever snunk anyone into your house?
~not since I grew up and moved out. But, previously, yes. There were a few boys who entered via my bedroom window.

Right handed? Left handed? Both?

Do you ever cook?
~i cook frequently. sometimes, i like to, and sometimes, i cuss under my breath while doing it.

Explain what you think about abortion

Would you try to take over the world?
~I try every day

Do you sing?
~Not as a profession. As a drunken karaoke entertainer, sometimes.

Have you ever had a crush on the same sex?
~sure. that doesnt mean it was sexual tho.

Would you have plastic surgery?

What is your heritage?
~three quarters Irish, a bit o Scottish, a dollop of black dutch, and a sprinkling of gypsy. although, that formulation is dependant on the valid identity of my father.

Have you ever made a promise you'd die to keep?

Emotional or physical pain?
~I would rather have physical pain. My feelers are fragile

Your first crush:
~A man named Joe fly. I was 6. He was our neighbor in some dirt town I lived in as a kid. I found him dreamy. He gave me a pickle jar full of scorpions when he left town, fleeing from the long arm of the law. I've never fully recovered.

What's your favorite book?
~I have several. I read too much, and too much variety for a favorite.

Do you have a job? What is it?
~i'm a pct/cna. i take care of cancer patients.

Have you ever gone rock climbing?
~No. my people don't … climb

Have you ever been home schooled?
~No... but, I'm schooled in the ways of the street, yo.

Do you personally know any bums?
~Actually, yes. more than one. How odd to realize that…

Do you get motion sickness?
~Terribly. but, I'm such a pretty shade of green...

What's your family like?
~Probably like everyone else's. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
~Yes. complete with injury.

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever done yoga?

What do you think about homosexual marriage?
~i encourage it as much as hetero marriage.

Do you sleep naked?
~sometimes, but, I'm usually more comfy in a tshirt. my shoulders get cold...

Tan or pale?
~pale. chronically. and, i'm permanently grounded from sunlight due to the fact that i recently attempted suicide via reflective raft and baby oil.

Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?
~yes, but i was disappointed. i want a redo.

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite drink?
~blueberry martini's, and raspberry margaritas

What is your biggest weakness?
~men with large noses, sexy hands, a slow smile, and great cologne

Do you smile a lot?
~I try to

Have you ever skipped school?
~Yes, and even better, I've skipped AT school. watch out world!!

Would you lie to your best friend?

What would you NEVER change about the past?
~the impromptu night that i went out with my mom and her nurse friends. thats the night i met craig. if i'm lucky, he'll still be holding my hand when i'm old, but, even if we ended tomorrow, i would never regret that night. meeting him enriched me as a person in ways that i would have never discovered without him.

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