Monday, May 3, 2010

::enter the sound of nails tapping here::

... or a pen clicking. or gum popping. (or patience sizzling) pick.

today is my first day as a non smoker. i started the patch this morning.

today wasnt really that bad. i worked all day though, so i wasnt around anyone who smokes. and i wasnt around my kids. (not to be mean- but, fuck! they make me wanna smoke and i'll be surprised if they survive.)

craig smokes, although, he's right behind me on the quitting calendar. he says.
the rat bastard still hasnt bought his nicotine gum.
traitor... bitch.

the patch makes my arm cold in waves, and it itches, but not unbearably. today, i have found that i'm fighting the habit, not the nicotine, so i guess its doing its job.

i totally stashed ONE emergency cigarette, so pray for its survival.

um... news on my lump...

it seems to be getting smaller. so, yay. a dr at work explained to me why i couldnt just have a mammogram. something about the lump would show up as a type of mass no matter what its made of, so we may as well see if its made of random infection. and its shrinking, so thats good.
(the lump, i mean. not my boob. that would be not so good.)

what else?

um... craig got totally screwed on a car he just bought. he wanted an older model of a honda civic. and found one in really good shape with only 147000 miles. so he bought it for 1200. it will just be a little work car. or was going to be- until we found an oil change receipt stating the next oil change was due at...


evidently someone rolled back the ol odometer.
evidently people still do that.

(...probably NOT going to be driving that little gem across the state onto oil field sites. )

oh, and i might own a major chunk of a well known motel franchise soon.

my youngest went to 6 flags over the weekend with her aunt, and swam in the motel pool for three hours. afterward when she complained of her skin burning, her aunt found red raw places all over her body, which led to a discussion with the front desk attendant, who foolishly told her that the maintence guy chlorinated the pool at around 6ish, and should have stayed to keep people out, but didnt stay.

yeah- my daughter started swimming at about 6:10.

so, we went to the dr today, and confirmed that she does in fact have chemical burns consistant with chlorine, 1st and 2nd degree, in a hodgepodge of places. hopefully they wont scar. probably wont, according to the dr.
tomorrow, the opthamologist, to check out her peepers. merely precautionary.

poor kid.

...and i still havent smoked.




  1. I envy you on the smoking thing... will quit once I get to Oregon... right now I smoke as a community service project, because if you think I am a bitch now could you imagine what I would be like without a cigarette... so it is purely for the safety of the entire community.

    As for the hotel... scary stuff... I worked in hospitality for 25 years... got out, least hospitable industry

    Good news on the lump... now if I could only get the two lumps in my ass to reduce in size all will be right with the world.

  2. dayum. if you own a chunk of this hotel, can i stay for free?