Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hazmat team, tooth pain, and other nonsense~ rtt.



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so, craig and i are doing well with the goal list. we cleaned his room by the 30th, which was the plan. yay us.

but... ::looks around for conspiratorially:: ...guys? between you and i, that room was unfit for a cockroach. seriously- there should have been bugs, and there wasnt any. because they are afraid of that degree of filth.

we hauled out 8 industrial sized bags of trash. the kind of bags that are so big that you have to steal them from work because Glad doesnt make them that big for the public to purchase. like- 200 gallon sized. or something. and- it was mostly trash that should have been in the kitchen trash. e.g.- take out containers, gatorade bottles, and doritos bags... that sort of stuff. the newspapers i found dated back to march of 2006.

and then we went through and discarded eleven bags of moldy, smelly clothes. the kind of mold that harms people. there is a busted window in his room that is covered, but still lets in a ton of moisture, evidently. getting that fixed is on The List.

and- i'm making him throw away his nasty infested king sized bed. i wouldnt let my dog pee on it, and i'm damn sure not gonna be naked around it.

speaking of naked- the porn was the cleanest thing in the room, and my fella is a freak.

i keep telling myself that he hasnt lived there in 2.5 years, and that he doesnt pig out like that in the home we share now, and that he was a bachelor, blah blah blah...

but, this was like an episode of Hoarders, and those people got issues.

anyhoo, now its done, and that was the worst part. thankfully.


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have you ever had a toothache? know any magical cures? i have never had tooth pain, but over the weekend, i lost my filling in a Starburst, and i woke up this morning feeling like someone attacked the interior of my oral canal with a ball ping hammer.

wait- that sentence was past tense, and thats incorrect. it hasnt stopped. its only worsened as the day has gone on.

i have taken so much ibuprofen that it would be considered suicidal if i died.
i have swished with warm salt water.
i have crushed an aspirin and mixed it with pure vanilla extract and applied it as a paste.
i have sucked on a peppermint tea bag.
i have swished with NyQuil.
i have swished with Listerine.

... all lies. whomever the old wives are that have told these tales, they are all a bunch of liars. nothing helps.

i have frequently cited bilateral ear infections as my worst pain ever, including childbirth (and i had my girls Au natural). i still stand by that, however, tooth pain has bumped childbirth down a notch on the scale. i have cried real tears today. i sat in an empty room holding my face and rocking during my lunch break.

go see a dentist, you say? i would love to. i talked to several on the phone today, and the lowest quote i received after my insurance coverage, was around 700 dollars, out of pocket.

and, THATS because i'm gonna need a crown, because as i found out today when i cried to my mother, when i was 14 i had a root canal done, and it was supposed to have been crowned, and she "never got around to it".

thanks ma.

anyway, craigs sister is a dental something-or-other, and i'm hoping she will be able to get her office to let me pay it out. meanwhile, i'm just gonna have to suffer.


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did everyone have a good memorial day weekend? we cleaned, as you've heard, and we went to a dinner party at a friends place on sunday night.

i met two kids, ages 17 and 19, that were guests of the hostesses sister.

these kids have never been to school. they dont know how to read. they were socially inept, and so sweet that you just wanted to squish them. and- punch their parents in the mouth. they work the land with their family, or something.

i thought stuff like that only happened in vc andrews novels.

and, i was embarrassingly fascinated with them. i taught my dad to read when i was in 4th grade. i suspect that he knew a little, but he wasnt literate by any means. how does this happen?

...those kids made me so sad that they've haunted me all weekend. i may never see them again. probably will never see them again. thats such a waste.


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bought the new stone temple pilots album and its the bombdiggity, just so you know. i love it when the entire album is good, and you can just let it play.
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have i mentioned that i'm blogger handicapped? i'm desperately seeking someone who can tell me how to dress my page up. where to get/ put the codes and stuff.

customize it 'yo.

and- how to link stuff so its a color that people can click on. i would like to be able to tell people to go check out The Un Mom (who hosts random thoughts tuesday) and some others that i'm loving. but, i'm not very savvy in that department yet. tutors please apply.


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ugh. my fuggin face hurts, and its radiating into my ear. and i have mountains of laundry to do as a result of my daughter cleaning her room.


happy tuesday everyone.


  1. Crap. I hope your dental hookup works out. Or you could do it like this guy I used to work with--drink a bottle of Jack and pull the offending tooth with pliers. Doesn't look that great though.

    I'm pretty sure there are laws that kids have to go to some kind of school until they are 16 or 17 in most states. That's a damn shame about those kids.

  2. That's a whole lotta random!!

    Those kids would have fascinated me too.

    Tooth pain is the worst. I think that ad had it right. Go get yourself a huge bag of coke and a razor blade, tooth pain bye bye! It'll clear your sinuses too!

    Linking is easy in blogger... I usually stay in compose mode, highlight the word you want to be the link and click the little chain thingie, then just copy and paste the URL... that help at all? Sorry... I'm not a good teacher... and I've been doing lines all morning.

    I kid.

    I've been drinking all morning.


  3. I use windows live writer so that I can edit my blogs on the laptop, but when I use the composer there is a link here button just highlight what you want to link click the little world button and type in the address. I get most of my templates from Pyzam, the link is on my blog if you want to look at some of the ones they have.

  4. beta, its somuch worse today that i may be considering having it pulled.

    and- we have those laws here too. somehow they just slipped thru, iguess. so sad.

    tulpen- if i had the foggiest notion where to buy coke, and someone guaranteed me that it would stop the pain, i would rob my mother for however much coke is going for these days.

    thanks angel, and tulpen, for the help. when i'm feeling better, i'm gonna give it a shot.

  5. I hope you're feeling better. If you need blogger help, I can help ya. Email me at onesmarmymama@gmail.com


  6. Now I want to check out the STP album!!