Sunday, June 27, 2010

it. is. fucking. hot.

that makes me irrationally angry.

i am tired of body parts sticking to other body parts that they should not stick to.
i am tired of my hair feeling gross an hour after i wash it because of the sticky layer of sweat that i cannot get away from.
i am tired of the weather dictating what i can cook for dinner or when i can do my laundry without turning the house into a goddamn Auschwitz oven.

...and i need to be outside weed-eating and doing yard stuff. THAT means entering similar conditions but throwing in a shit ton of bugs to stick to my sticky sweaty skin.

...which improves my mood exponentially.


on a brighter side, i joined a gym.
my goal is to work out on my way to my 11p shift, and tan on my home at 7a.
i intend to do this 3-4 days a week.

i've never belonged to a gym, and have no idea how to do anything on the circuit machines. i figure i'll do the bike and treadmill and elliptical until i make a 'gym friend'.

i'm on a corporate account with work, so at $20 a month, even if i never make a 'gym friend' and only use those machines and tan, it will be worth it, if only for the alone time that money will buy me.


did i mention that the a/c in my jeep does not work, and that my three window units are insufficient to my meager square footage?  ergo- i'm melting as i type this, so off i go to donn my headphones and brave the great outdoors, bugs and all.



  1. Youre not kidding about the heat! It's hotter than a whorehouse on nickel nite out there. That's why I'm in the house now. Been in it all day and it wiped me out.

  2. mama holly- i HATE it.
    but, i love "whorehouse on nickle night."

  3. The heat will be kicking my ass today... 100ish they're saying, and humid as fuck.

    I'd like to not leave the house, but groceries need to be purchased... after that, i'm locking myself and kids in my bedroom where the only ac unit is.

    I fucking hate summer.

  4. that's about 9 months out of the year here in fl. i kinda dig it. but oh yeah, the house has a really good central air, and my car has awesome ac. yes, it's ok to hate me.

  5. hey darth? you're an asshat.
    meant in the most affectionate way

  6. It is sooooooo frickin' hot here, and humid. I swear I swam to my mailbox today.
    Congrats on the gym! Very cool...

  7. Love the new look ~ catching up on all your posts now that my life has slowed down to a less hectic pace.