Sunday, July 18, 2010

dabbling in gangsta, homie..

i dont think we've talked about this much, but, i have a pretty laid back taste in music.
my friends would say that 'laid back taste in music' translates to 'horrible taste in music'
i like a lot of acoustic stuff, and i'm a sucker for lyrics, even if the music surrounding them is questionable. my mp3 player is loaded with things like ani difranco, nevershoutnever!, alanis, tori, she & him, laura marling, joshua radin, ben harper, amber rubarth, neil diamond, jack johnson... etc. you get the point.

so, my mp3 player and i are making it to the gym approximately 4 times a week. recently, i realized that i was really tired of constantly tracking forward looking for a motivating song amongst all of the piano and ukulele.

you can imagine that the elliptical is NOT made any easier by loung'yish style music, but there was ONE song that i kept going back to.

'shake that ass' by eminem feat nate dogg.

god, how i used to shake my ass to that song at the club...


so, i think what i have learned about myself, is that i like dirty rap when i'm working out at the gym.

which is really funny if you know me. its almost as removed from my taste as heavy metal would be. almost. except heavy metal is simply, truely, utterly, intolerable.
so, yeah. i downloaded a bunch of stuff, but i'm taking suggestions for anything i've forgotten. its never been my musical area, so i'm not very familiar. at all, 'yo.


  1. We have similar taste in music.... however I noticed the glaring omission of Jason Mraz amongst your faves... his acoustic live stuff is heavenly...

    I don't work out, so I dunno what shit I'd listen to if I did... I doubt it would be gansta rap... maybe old school disco??

    Love the new look you got here.

  2. I pretty much like all kinds of music. Even if its only one song, I can usually find something I like in a particular genre.

  3. @tulpen- i boycott jason mraz on grounds of douchebaggery, not so much his musical capability. and- i wouldnt have expected gangsta rap either. i may have to give old school disco a shot next, presuming that i dont get all 'street from the bangin them bitches and smacking down hoes.

    and thanks for diggin on my page. :)

  4. best all-time rap song ever: slam! by onyx. not really my genre either though so can't help much. nice pic though, i dig that.