Thursday, June 24, 2010

tiny. round. navy blue... yay Lunesta.

so, i completed my first 4 day run at the night shift.

and i have no idea why a llama is my sleep aide mascot.

my flipping days and nights is wreaking havoc on my sleeping, so, i've resorted to using lunesta. lunesta is my favorite sleeping pill, hands down. even with the metal taste. it knocks me down enough to make me comfortably wobbly, and then OUT like a light for 4-5 hours before i finally might wake up to pee. at this point i can choose to stay up and be functional without that sleeping pill hangover, or go back to bed and sleep really good for a few more hours. and i still dream with this medication, sometimes more vividly than without taking anything. with other meds, i usually do not dream at all. overall- gold star to Lunesta go there and try the 7 day trial, or if you use it already, theres a coupon for their crazy ass prices. i just used the copay coupon, and it went thru without a single hiccup.

its completely different than what i'm used to on days. soooo much slower slow in fact, that i read a novel tonight. in its entirety. my patient interaction is down to minimal, and i dont love my nurses as much as i would have liked, but that may change in time.

so much else i wanted to say before i got sleepy, but i'm afraid it may not happen. sorry guys, i'll finish a better post later, after i get my permanent crown on at the dentist,

loves and kisses and dreamy wishes,

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  1. Hopefully you will like the other staff better soon, but even if not, what a great gig to be able to read all night long! Can you use the computer while you're there? I loved working at a call center and being able to be online so much. And I wasn't even a blogger then! I often daydream about how great it would have been had I found blogging at that time... anyway, sweet dreams!