Thursday, August 19, 2010

what's tiny, pale blue and shimmery?

oh, there's no punchline coming, i'm really asking.

...cause, when i took my daughter to the doctor today for a temp of 102.2 and a suspected ear infection, that is what they found inside her ear canal during her exam.

something tiny, pale blue, and shimmery.

me :  peyton, what did you put in your ear THIS time?
(because, this isnt the first time. she's THAT kid.)

her :  i dont remember.

me :  sigh.

i have no idea what in her environment could possibly match up with what i saw thru the ear-looker-thingy.
it was mobile, sort of.
when she thrashed and screamed. it sorta shifted.
but, the doctor was unable to grab it, due to my daughter freaking the hell out...
...its really too bad she didnt react this way when she was SHOVING SHINY STUFF INTO HER EAR HOLE.
so, since we  failed at the mystery object removal, we are gonna hit her with oral antibiotics and oil based ear drops over the weekend, and hope that it will come out (psh) -- or at the very least, hope we can reduce the swelling and pain from the RAGING INFECTION that the pretty little blue thing is causing, and try again when we go back monday morning.

in the meantime, i'm going to do my best to resist my morbid curiosity, and refrain from blowdart'ing my child and then removing it thru whatever means necessary.

her :   (random'ly, much later)....did it look like blue crayon, or candy or tape or something else?
me :  sigh.


  1. Sounds like a bead of some sort.

  2. hahahahahah! I'm sorry, but that is such a funny post! As someone who has experienced much childhood ear trauma, though, it's also very disconcerting. My trauma was all naturally occurring, though... I don't think it was self-inflicted like hers. I hope it comes out soon. And I hope she likes it. Then it will be like her ear is giving her a little present. I hope.

  3. fabuleslie- maybe i should mail her to you. your perspective on this is much better than mine.
    ...i hope it bites her.

    nubian- it wasnt shaped round. more like the shape left when a caterpillar eats a chunk off of a leaf.

  4. Found you through Studio 30+. I used to do that when I was a little kid but sometimes it would end up my nose. Either way it always ended in a trip to the doctor. You must post and let us know what it was.

  5. So?! What was it?! (Great blog by the way!)

  6. hmmm i think all kids do this...i have a secret to tell you *whispers* when i was a really small kid around 18 months or something, i took off my crappy diaper and shoved pieces of it in my ears and nose...i too was taken to the hospital as they couldn't get all of the poo soaked diaper out of my ears...i wonder why we do the things we do ? :o)

  7. my money is on some sort of bedazzled type thing. at least it was blue and shimmery, not the end of a pencil eraser like my youngest jammed into his ear for no apparent reason whilst at school...

    yeah, funtimes.

  8. we never found out what it was. after doing drops for two weeks, the dr cleaned out her ears with the little loop thingy, and everything that came out was blue. and naaaasty.